Reviewer Team


Reviewer's Duties
Reviewers must provide honest and critical research. The reviewer's job is to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of the study, provide suggestions for improvement, and provide an explanation of what needs to be done to increase enthusiasm with the following activities:

  • Check the incoming paper
  • Refuse paper that does not meet scientific principles
  • Return to the Auditor if Writing Needs Repair
  • Doing Check According to the Scope below: The title must be considered the subject of the complete, clear, precise, and not multiple interpretations. Please give title suggestions if necessary.
  • The abstract must briefly state the intent of the study, the methods used, the results, and the core conclusions. Please remember the abstract is the most read part of the paper.
  • Authors must give credit to others who are relevant to the article through citations. Citation in the introduction must be able to produce innovation and/or novelty made by the writer through gap analysis. Quotations/citations must not be excessive.
  • The method used to achieve the goal must be published and complete enough that can be read competently can be published by the author. Tools, materials, hardware/software platforms and frameworks used in research also need to be reported.
  • Authors must write information about research methods and results in a simple, complete, and effective article that is easy for readers to read.
  • In some randomly chosen cases, reviewers check whether you can verify the calculations made by the author.
  • all tables and figures must be referred to in the text/paragraphs. Statements in the text must match the contents of the tables and figures.
  • The title must state the content. Please advise to improve the quality of the table title/image. Data to be presented graphs/pictures must be accurate
  • Conclusions to answer a hypothesis must be agreed upon and clearly must also be supported by data and testing.
  • All references in the manuscript must be in the Bibliography. Minimum references of 10 pieces with 60% are primary references (scientific journals, proceeding articles, reference books, theses/theses/dissertations) and are published no later than 5 (five) years.
  • accept comments as support for writing