Plagiarism Policy

Plagiarism, whether intentional or not, is a grave offense. Plagiarism is the copying of ideas, text, data, and other creative works (e.g., tables, figures, and graphs) and presenting them without proper attribution as the original study. We describe plagiarism as a case where a paper reproduces another work with a resemblance of at least 15% and without quotation.

If proof of plagiarism is found before/after acceptance or after the paper is written, the author will be given an opportunity for rebuttal. If the reasons are not considered acceptable, the manuscript will be withdrawn, and the author will be barred from publishing papers for a time to be decided by the Editor(s) responsible.

Screening for plagiarism

The manuscript published in this journal will be screened using plagiate checker x for plagiarism. Plagiate Checker x offers tools to help manage originality and avoid plagiarism, check writing for citation errors, or improper copying with custom reviews.